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what companies should consider in cloud migration projects — iStock

Cloud computing and the benefits it brings are well known to almost all businesses (including the private sector) and are leading to a rapid increase in cloud usage across all businesses and sectors. The advantages include, for example, the so-called infinite computing power, fast provisioning and de-commissioning, pay as you go etc. (see NIST definition)

But when a company decides to move to the cloud, the entire governance framework within which a company operates changes. Successful cloud projects are always associated with a cultural change in the company, which requires a clear strategic direction. An important element in the evaluation phase of cloud migration — part of the strategic direction — is that the most important part of cloud outsourcing is the outsourcing of corporate data and data processing. Especially for regulated companies (financial institutions PCI-DSS, insurance companies HIPAA etc.) it is necessary to justify each of these points to the controlling supervisor and to ensure data protection in every point. The first step should therefore be to identify the legal requirements for corporate data. …

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Business Analyst should monitor BC-measures and strategies — iStock

In a world and society characterised by a high degree of digitalisation, the demands on companies to provide services to customers very quickly, agilely, variably and with high performance and UX are becoming ever higher. These requirements are usually diametrically opposed to the issues of availability, resilience and reliability. Nevertheless, the failure of a service leads to customers migrating or being disappointed, which has an impact on the financial situation or the reputation of a company: Since other competitors are in the same situation, customers can also switch quickly if the service is available there.

It is therefore of great importance to be able to provide services reliably, which falls under the area of Business Continuity Management…



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